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The Team

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Swansea Racing welcomes Swansea University students of all disciplines. There are plenty of areas to get involved with, no matter your year of study or level of experience. 

There are an unlimited number of spaces on the team. Below are the committee-specific positions and vacancies.

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Team Principal - Charlie Best

As Team Principal Charlie is responsible for the the team and its efficient running. He needs to provide the ideal enviroment for a succesful car. He is responsible for the teams performance and the planning and preperation behind any endeavors the team undertakes. Overseeing the whole team and being a point of contact for the committee members and having final say on all matters not related to the car. 

Warwick website.jpg

Technical Director - Warwick Daden

The teams Technical Director is in charge of the overall vision of the car. He has to use his understanding of vehicle dynamics to ensure the individual systems work together as a complete package. He is responsible for the performance of the car and has final say on all decisions relating to the car itself. He works directly above the area leads and is responsible for communicating and mediating decisions and discusions between them keeping the performance of the car in mind at all times.

KT Website.jpg

Head of Operations - Katie Wilson

Operations is the backbone of the team. It includes procurement of parts and material as well as dealing with sponsorships and booking events for the team. The Head of operations oversees these areas and is responsible for their smooth running. The team functioning well comes from operations being prepared, motivated and efficient.

Owen website.jpg

Manufacturing Director - Owen Smith

The manufacturing directors is responsible for the car being manufactured to a given specification. He is also responsible for many safety aspects of the manufacturing process. These includes ensuring the COSHH datasheets for all materials are followed along with ensuring correct PPE is available for technitians. He is also responsible for ensuring required materials for parts are available and facilitating operations in ordering them if not.

Adrian website.jpg

Head of Statics - Adrian Culver

The statics team is divided into 3 main areas: design, costing, and business. They are responsible for producing and submitting posters and reports, as well as a business plan that will be presented to a panel of industry engineers at FSUK. These events are the responsibility of the head of statics. His job is to maximise points from these events. The points scored from statics have a significant affect on the overall position of the team.

Ben Website.jpg

Head of Powertrain - Ben hacking

The powertrain team is responsible for the engine and drive of the car. They make all decisions based around how the power reaches the wheels including the cooling system, differential, driveshafts, fuel and air intake, and anything else related to the engine.

Nicholas website.jpg

Head of Aerodynamics - Nicholas Cavoulacos

The aerodynamics team aims to improve the performance of the car through aerodynamics. The main way to achieve this is by increasing the downforce of the car for high speed cornering. They also aim to minimise drag for increased straight line speed.

Alex website.jpg

Head of Chassis - Alex Jarma-Jones

The chassis team is responsible for the design and manufacture of the tub, rear spaceframe, front and rear bulkheads, and all relevant mounts and brackets. The goal is to provide a strong chassis which reliably houses all components of the car, using as little material as possible.  


Head of Suspension - TO BE DECIDED

The suspension team is responsible for all things suspension based. They make important decisions about suspension geometry, camber, caster and steering to name a few. The team aims to maximise the grip of the tires and make the car ergonomic, maximising the driver's potential.


Head of Electrical - TO BE DECIDED

The electrical team is responsible for the electrical system of the car the ECU controlling this system. As well as all displays and the internal system, the electrical team is extremely important for the other teams during testing.

Media and Engagement - Your name here

As part of this role, your primary goal is to keep social media active and up to date. This allows followers and sponsors to see the team's progress and know about upcoming events. You will be responsible for conducting team interviews for a monthly newsletter, posting engaging content across our social media pages, and presenting a positive image of the team. The role is vital to the team's operation and gives you a thorough understanding of the team and car, as you could be invited to attend competition as 

Freshers and Education Coordinator - your name here

The team gets a large influx of new members each year with varying degrees of experience. In order build a good foundational knowledge for newcomers, and lasting relationships between all team members, consistent educational and team-building events are coordinated. As freshers and education coordinator,  you will take responsibility for the organisation of these events, while being the main point of contact for new team members. This position is a great opportunity for someone sociable and engaging with ambition to move up in the team.

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