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We at Swansea racing are extremely thankful for our sponsors. With your support, we are able to keep achieving. We welcome any assistance, whether it's financial, parts or professional advice.

If you are interested in sponsoring us, please contact us at

Our Main Sponsors

swansea uni sponsor badge.png

Swansea university are responsible for the majority of our funding, equipment and premises.

racing shocks.png

RaceShocks UK provided us with the springs, dampers and shocks used in our current suspension set up.

General FS Sponsors


Easy composites offer teams a flat-rate discount of 10% off all materials and supplies and in addition to this offer to provide teams with advise.

competition supplies offer teams a flat-rate discount of 10% off all parts sold to FS teams.


EPLAN Provides FS Teams with access to their software

competition supplies.jpg

Why sponsor us?


SURE Is always happy to represent the team and our sponsors in any in person events wherever situated. Our simulator, car and fantastic team are always eye catching and enthusiastic.


Formula student is Europe's most established engineering competition. The event is full of leading industry professionals who will see your logo and company name on our car and documents.


By sponsoring our team you will be invited to all our teams private events giving you the opportunity to meet with our team of students looking to enter the industry and other companies also sponsoring our team.

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