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Swansea Racing

Swansea racing has been designing and racing cars as part of Formula Student since 2001.

The team works to produce a single seater racecar to compete at FSUK. We have also attended competitions in Hungary and the Netherlands. 

Read about our most recent event below...

FSUK 20/21

2020 was a year unlike any other, changing the way of life for people across the world. Swansea racing (at the time SURE) was no exception. We limited access to the workshop for the safety of university student and staff, which meant much of our work was completed as an online collaboration.


The team overcame obstacles to get the car to FSUK, placing within the top 20 of all teams at the competition. We showed impressive pace in the sprint event where our first run was enough to qualify us for the final where we eventually placed 6th.

Following from this strong showing the team decided to make a two year car and enter a concept class in the 2022 FSUK event placing 3rd overall in the class as a perfect spring board for the 2023 season.


Our Future

Swansea Racing currently design and produce to compete in the IC (Internal Combustion vehicle) class at formula student events. However the team has ambitions in the long term to transfer to the EV (Electric Vehicle) class.


It is the view of the team and faculty that E-Mobility is the bright future of motorsport and the larger automotive industry. SURE has a dedicated research team whose primary focus is the investigation of hybrid and electric powertrain conversions. 

Despite these ambitions, the team recognises its history and knowledge of combustion vehicles and strives to ensure a well-researched, smooth transition to electric. Our car will remain in the IC class for the near future, where we will push for extreme performance improvements to place higher and higher with each progressing year. 

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